Margaret and Dick   


Pyrenees 2004

Margaret's cycling challenge for 2004 was vertical.  Total climbing from January 1 through the Ride for the Roses in October was a whopping 227,000 vertical feet, or 43 vertical miles.  The highlight of this quest was traversing the Pyrenees.

Our fundraising total for 2004 was $20,408.  Big t
hanks to our donors!

The Hendaye-Cerbere route is known to French randonneurs (long-distance cyclists) as the route that weaves through the Pyrenees from the Atlantic Ocean (Hendaye) to the Mediterranean Sea (Cerbere), both towns the last French outpost before the Spanish border.  The route includes most of the mythic climbs of the Pyrenees.  We did the ride in six days.  The total distance was ~720 km (~450 miles), but the real challenge was vertical.  Here is our chronicle. 

Pyrenees trek: cast of characters

Day one

Day two

Day three

Day four

Day five

Day six


Training 2004

Food! 2004