Margaret and Dick   


Summary: Hendaye to Cerbere
 Distance:  721 km (~450 mi)

Total climbing:  ~13,300 m (43,300 ft)

Calories burned:  19,826

Calories eaten:  a lot more than that

Flat tires:  one for the entire group

It was a fantastic trip that exceeded all our expectations. 

We arrived in Hendaye not knowing what the week would be like, not knowing whether the legs, bikes, and (most importantly) the morale would hold up.  We arrived in Cerbere rather baffled at having done it.

The guys had strength to spare even to the end.  Neil and Doug were off the front and riding on their own for most of the climbs.  Jean-Claude was the George Hincapie of the group, pulling us for hours and days on end through the flats (there were a few) and rolling hills.  Daphne and I were much closer to our limits.  One more steep climb would have had me walking uphill.

I suspect that the soigneurs Sonia, Lorna, and Dick were also close to their limits, but they never showed it.  We are all so very grateful to them for giving us this wonderful opportunity. 

A final reminder:  Margaret and Dick embarked on this ride as a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Donations provided valuable resources and support for cancer survivors.  Go to for more information on this great organization and the fine work that they do.  Thanks for joining us!

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