Margaret and Dick   


List of 35

It was while we were climbing the pyramids in Tikal, Guatemala, that it dawned on us: there were no 80-year-olds climbing with us. We calculated then how many adventure trips we could take before Dick's age 80. We use our resulting "list of 35" to prioritize our vacation choices. 

Sometimes the muse strikes and we want to share stories and pictures. Enjoy!
You can read reviews of our hotels and restaurants on TripAdvisor under the user names audace11 (Margaret) and Aude11 (Richard)
2006: Guatemala
2007:  Grand Canyon/Canyon de Chelly, Sevilla/Granada, India
2008:  Peru, Napa/Sonoma, Bologna/Cinque Terre, Senegal
2009:  Belize, Dublin, La Camargue, Napa/Sonoma
2010:  Nicaragua, Morocco, Bonaire
2011:  Argentina, Marseilles, Egypt 
2012:  Colombia, Nepal 
2013:  Cuba, San SebastiánTanzania
2014:  Cajun Louisiana, Greece
2015:  Ecuador/Galápagos, India/Kerala
2016:  Gastrotourism in Mexico City, Lima, Copenhagen, ...

Future, in no particular order.  Some are hot spots that we hope will cool off soon.  Some are repeat visits to favorite places. 

Mali. Tunisia/Libya. Turkey. Vietnam/Laos/Thailand. Venice. Upper Egypt. Brazil.