Margaret and Dick   


Limoux stories

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Originally these stories were cultural observations by two Americans living in France. When we started doing more adventure travel, the scope broadened, but we still call these "Limoux" stories. Enjoy! 
April:  The three-hour orgasm 


August: A clear and present danger 
September: RIMBY


April:  The Ecuador chronicles  
July:  The horse in the hood   
September:  Les volets violets 
September:  India again 

July:  The Greece chronicles 
August:  An American hero   
September:  Into the Corbières 
September:  When bad things happen to good people   


April:  The Cuba chronicles
July:  Pamplona  
July:  Foodie fiesta  
September:  Corrida! 
September:  Middle of nowhere 
September:  The éthylotest  
October:  Serengeti learning and discovery

April:  The Colombia chronicles  
July:  Féria! 
July:  Sunflower safari  
July:  Bavardage  
August:  Gourmandise  
September:  The Nepal chronicles  
October:  Hope springs eternal

May:  Don't cry, Argentina
June:  Fête de la Musique
June:  A juicy fraud
July:  Le Tour in Limoux
July:  Toro piscine  
September:  End of the world
September:  Bandit boulangers
September:  The Cairo chronicles  
October:  Artisan cheese  
April:  The Nicaragua chronicles

July:  Wake up and smell the peaches
July:  Jean-Marc, phone home 
July:  Vignevieille
July:  Ah, Paris 
August:  Where have all the roses gone? 
September:  Slow food 
October:  Marrakech chronicles 
October:  Aux barricades! 

April:  Garifuna 
June:  Hissy fit

June:  Nobel in the 'hood
July:  The friendly skies of Ryanair
July:  Irish passport
July:  Where meat comes from
September:  Tasting menu
October:  La Camargue
October: Artisan butcher

April:  Peru
June:  Going out at the top
July:  Running of the bulls
July:  The wide wide world of Internet cafés
August:  I met my vine at Flandry
August:  Over 80 and active
September:  The Senegal chronicles

January:  The perfect hamburger
June:  Arrival

July:  Down south in Spain
July:  Stories from the A9 autoroute
August:  Tempest in a bullring
August:  A stroll in the vineyard
September:  The half-century club
September:  The India chronicles
October:  Frequent cruncher

June:  Cars and cooking
August:  Our own Da Vinci Code mystery
September:  La fête qui pète
October:  45 drunks

June:  Scofflaw
June:  The gypsies of Perpignan
July:  Attack on Mt Ventoux
August:  Les grandes vacances
August:  I'll take the crazies
August:  Festival of cows and wine
August:  French medicine
September:  Fado

May:  The perfect bouillabaisse
June:  Mother's Day
June:  Identity, 2004 edition
June:  The British are coming!
July:  Attack of the killer platanes
July:  La Fête du Chardonnay
July:  LAF visits Limoux
August:  Cheap wine
September:  Jousting in Sète

Best of Limoux stories 2002-2003