Margaret and Dick   


LAF 2005 - Heart of the South 500

In 2005, Lance Armstrong retired from cycling.  And having passed the milestone of $100,000 in fundraising for the Lance Armstrong Foundation,
we retired too.


Thanks to
the generous support of our donors,
we raised a total of $25,613 for the cancer survivorship programs of
the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) in our 2005 campaign,
bringing our six-year total to $100,499.  Add a few donations from 2006,
and we finished at $101,024.  Wow.

Our fundraising project for 2005 started with the Heart of the South 500 bicycle race.  Margaret and partner Greg Masterson, racing as Team Tour de Life, covered over 500 arduous miles of Alabamaand Georgiain a total time of 34hr19min.  We’re pleased to report that Greg and Margaret won the 2-person team category.  It’s not clear whether the feat was harder on the cyclists or on the crew (Bo Gaines, Maggie Davenport, Dick, and Mike Rachelson).  We dedicated the race to eight cancer survivors who had been nominated by our donors.  The thought of their challenges fueled our ride through the cold April night.

The Tour de Life Celebration of Cancer Survivorship in April featured a silent auction and stories by retired US Postal racer Frankie Andreu.  While it's clear that Margaret should keep her day job and Dick need not come out of retirement to pursue a career in special events, a good time was had by all, and the silent auction raised over $4,000 for the Foundation. 

In our years working for cancer survivorship, we've heard many stories, some uplifting, some heartbreaking, often both.  Thank you for sharing them, and thank you for your generosity.