Margaret and Dick   


Atlanta to Austin - Yellow jersey

The Foundation organizes really cool activities for the biggest fundraisers, the yellow jersey team.  This year there were 48 of us.

The autograph session was limited this year to the yellow jersey team.  It's your own minute-with-Lance, and despite his having given tens of thousands of autographs over the last few years, he manages to make it special for each of us.  I told him that I had cycled from Atlanta and asked for a European (cheek-kiss) greeting.  He obliged and said I was welcome to a European greeting even if I hadn't cycled from Atlanta.  Despite the fleeting thought now you tell me, I was able to enjoy the moment.

At the yellow jersey reception, each participant was presented with a signed Graham Watson photo:  Lance clinching the Tour de France in the final time trial.

All Peloton Project members were then invited to the premier of the film "A Lion in the House" about children with cancer and the particular challenges that they and their families face.  An extended version of this film is to be aired as a six-hour PBS special.  The film was heart-warming and heart-rending.  This year 12,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer, and 12,000 families will enter an era of daunting problems.   

Ride for the Roses