Margaret and Dick   


Atlanta to Austin - Soigneur extraordinaire

 It's not clear which one of us had  the harder job.

Dick (left) had many roles in the Atlanta-to-Austin adventure, and he practiced them all during Margaret's heavy training during the month of August.  His work as soigneur may be the most important.  It was up to him to make sure Margaret was eating, drinking, stretching, and sleeping.  It's hard to maintain an appetite for huge quantities of carbs, but riding without food is exactly the same as driving without gas...eventually you'll grind to a stop.  Creative preparations of slow and fast carbs make all the difference on occasions when Margaret swears she will never eat another PowerBar.    

Mood elevation is one of Dick's specialties.  With the short days of October, each day's ride started as soon as possible after first light.  You can imagine how this went over on some days.  Lunchtime pep talks put him in the role of coach/amateur psychologist.

Stretching and massage will make sure that muscles don't turn into bricks overnight.  Quadriceps and gluteals are the main muscle groups in cycling, and they're full of lactic acid at the end of a long day of cycling.  Massage helps to move the lactic acid out to prepare for the next day's ordeal.

Packing list for the trip included:  Clif Bars, Power Bars, Mojo Bars, Ensure, EnduroxR4, Accelerade, Alcera mineral-water mix, beef jerky, turkey jerky, granola, pancake mix, trail mix, smoked oysters...and that was just for daytime eats on the road.  After two days on the road, we had given up on restaurants and Dick was cooking up great food in the hotel.

Training 2003