Margaret and Dick   


Atlanta to Austin - Route map

The South is full of little towns and little roads that connect them, routes left over from the era before interstate highways.  These can be ideal for cycling, since they are (usually) well paved but (usually) not  heavily traveled.  The route from Atlanta to Austin is around 1,000 miles if you don't add too many "bonus miles" (wrong turns).  We were fortunate to be able to pull from the expertise of veloman Mike, who celebrated his 40th birthday (we won't say when) by cycling cross-country along this route.  Mike graciously shared his route maps and helped us anticipate the greatest challenges.  The map above is no longer correct:  the actual route went diagonally from Atlanta to Selma, then picked up US 80 four about 500 miles through Meridian, Jackson, Vicksburg, Shreveport, crossing into Texas near Marshall then taking a diagonal down to Austin.


Days one through seven averaged about 130 miles; day eight was a quick 60-miler. 


The terrain, except for the eastern half of Louisiana, was rolling hills.  Why had we imagined that the route would be largely flat?


Traveling from east to west just about guaranteed a headwind all day, every day.

Day one:  Atlanta to Alexander City AL