Margaret and Dick   


Atlanta to Austin - Day seven: Crockett TX to Giddings TX

Distance:  133 miles

Rolling speed:  14.0

Total time:  10:30

Calories burned:  5,051

Weather: low 90s with just enough headwind

Close encounters of the dog kind:  3

Irate motorists:  3

Other cyclists seen:  2 (Dick and Jerry)

Roadkill report:  two skunks

Road surface:  unbelievable

Muscles:  ok

Mental state:  tired but happy


Je roule donc je suis.  And after Sunday?


It must have been a dream.
I was zooming through a town called North Zulch on a gorgeous day, riding on a shoulder that was eight feet wide, smooth and clean, all mine for a hundred miles.  I passed cattle ranches and horse farms and cotton fields and oil wells.  I had miscalculated the distance for the day, which was actually 133 instead of the dreaded 160.  The temperature was 90+ even though it was October, but a mild headwind kept it temperate.  With 25 miles to go, an SUV pulled over in front of me honking, and out jumped soigneur Dick and buddy Jerry from Fort Worth, both dressed in bike clothes.  They joined me on their bikes, pulled me the rest of the way to the hotel, even pushed me up a hill.  We were traveling through towns with names like "Dime Box".  After we cleaned up, Jerry's son Todd took us all out to a delicious dinner.  


I'm really worried I'll wake up and find myself somewhere near the Georgia-Alabama line.  But apparently I'm 55 miles from Austin, feeling great, and looking forward to flying down the road with Jerry tomorrow.  He's put out the word to other Peloton members who may be joining us midroute.  There may even be some media coverage.   


Texas is pretty amazing.

As the only state that used to be a country, it's got a serious superiority complex.  Things really do exist on a grander scale here.  There's a vitality that's distinctly Texan.  Drivers pull over and shout, "Hey, where you goin'?" and want to hear the whole story.  In a country plagued by obesity, people here seem lean.  There are a dozen other observations that I wanted to write down, but they were all forgotten over a welcome glass of wine at dinner.  We're so very glad to be here. 


Day eight:  55 miles to Austin!